The Transportation Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for maintenance and repair of traffic control signal lights, street signs and pavement markings on city streets. The goals of the division are to maintain an efficient and effective transportation system by updating and optimizing traffic signal timing plans, maintaining street signs and replacing pavement markings.

Traffic Calming Program

The division also handles the city’s Traffic Calming Program. The purpose of the program is to limit the speed and the number of vehicles on residential streets and to safely move traffic from one point to another.

This can involve measures ranging from police enforcement and neighborhood watch programs, to strategic physical changes to residential streets. Physical changes to the streets may include signs, speed bumps and narrowing traffic lanes. Streets classified as arterial, collector or primary routes for emergency response are not eligible for the Traffic Calming Program. A Neighborhood Action Request form can be found in the Traffic Calming Program Policy and must be submitted before any action can be taken under the program.