Earth Day in NRH

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Ways to Celebrate Earth Day on April 22 in NRH!

It’s time once again to celebrate Earth Day by participating in activities that show our appreciation for the natural beauty of our planet and our commitment to combating environmental pollution. The first Earth Day was held April 22, 1970 as a nationwide demonstration, petitioning the government to put earth dayenvironmental issues on the political agenda. About 20 million demonstrators participated in the original Earth Day. Earth Day was such a success that it is now celebrated annually.

People everywhere get involved in their own community and create family traditions that help to sustain our natural environment. Being outdoors is a great way to enjoy Earth Day. Check out the over 30 miles of trail system in NRH as it weaves through the city or one of the 37 parks, open spaces or facilities. Below are some examples of how to celebrate Earth Day in NRH.

Earthday in NRH:

  • Visit one of NRH’s 37 Parks, Open Spaces or facilities
        NRH Parks and Trails

  • Visit the NRH Centre and enjoy fitness, aquatics and programs
        NRH Centre

  • Visit the Richland Tennis Center
        Richland Tennis Center

  • Play a round of Golf at Iron Horse Golf Course
        Iron Horse Golf Course

  • Explore the Hike and Bike Trails, go on a Nature Hike 
        NRH Trail System

  • Identify Trees at Cross Timbers Park
        Cross Timbers Park

  • Get Your Season Pass now to NRH2O for the Summer
        NRH2O Family Water Park

    • Visit the Common Ground Community Garden
            NRH Community Garden

    • Plant a tree in your back yard: Besides being a fun activity for your family, planting trees help to lower greenhouse gas emissions, and they provide a habitat for a variety of other plants and animals. Go to your local nursery, and pick out the perfect tree for your yard.
    • Sit down with the family and set specific goals to recycle and save energy- It’s often as easy as changing your light bulbs, adjusting the setting on your fridge, or making a routine trip to a nearby recycling bin.
    • Clean up litter at one of the NRH parks.
    • Cook a special Earth Day meal using healthy, organic foods- Invite the friends and family over to share a healthy, home-cooked meal. Get creative and decorate with an "Earth Day" theme using leaves or potted plants, and let each guest take a plant home to add to their garden.

    Earth Day Tips Flyer

    NRH Parks by the Numbers:

    37 Parks & Facilities
    30 miles of Trails 
    19 Playgrounds
    756 acres
    1,300,000 visitors
    20 baseball/softball fields
    21 Tennis Courts
    4 lakes & 3 fishing piers
    2 football fields
    15 art pieces throughout various parks

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