2020 Property Tax Rate

The North Richland Hills City Council adopts a property tax rate annually as part to of the city's budget process. The adopted tax rate for 2020 is $0.575700. A public hearing on the tax rate was held on August 13 and the City Council voted to adopt the tax rate on August 17.

The average NRH home with a taxable value of $206,645 will pay $1,189.66 in property taxes to the city this year. Your property taxes may decrease, increase or remain the same depending on changes in the appraised value of your property.  Senior and disabled property owners that have a tax ceiling (even if their property values have increased) will pay the same amount of city property tax as the previous year, unless their appraised property value decreased. In accordance with Senate Bill 2, the Texas Property Tax Reform and Transparency Act of 2019, property tax information for all taxing districts must be posted on a county website. You can view the information and taxes for your property at

Annual Property Tax Bill 

Property tax bills are mailed to property owners in October of each year. The last day to pay taxes without penalty and interest is January 31. A resident's overall property tax bill includes taxes assessed by the city, school district, county, county hospital district and county college district. More than half of your property tax bill is paid to the school district, with about 22% going to the city. Each jurisdiction sets their tax rate annually, in conjunction with the adoption of their annual budget. For the City of North Richland Hills, this takes place each August. 
Tax Dollar Chart 2017
The following chart shows the tax rates proposed by each taxing district in 2020.
Jurisdiction Rate per
$100 Valuation
Birdville Independent School District*
City of North Richland Hills $0.575700
Tarrant County $0.234000
Tarrant County Hospital District - JPS $0.224429
Tarrant County College $0.130170
Total $2.544599
(*Some North Richland Hills residents pay Keller ISD taxes. rather than Birdville ISD taxes. The proposed Keller ISD tax rate is $1.394700 per $100 property valuation.)

Property Tax Exemptions


Property tax exemptions keep you from paying tax on a certain portion of your home value. In other words, they lower your home's taxable value and your tax bill. The City of North Richland Hills provides:

  • 15% homestead exemption;
  • $36,000 exemption for senior citizens (65 and older) and disabled residents;
  • Senior and disabled tax ceiling (also known as tax freeze). 
To receive these benefits, you must complete the exemption form and return it to the Tarrant Appraisal District at the address on the form. Once your homestead exemption or tax ceiling is in place, you do not have to reapply each year. 

To verify you have the exemptions and/or tax ceiling in place, contact the Tarrant Appraisal District at 817-284-0024. 

Sales Tax 

In North Richland Hills the sales tax is 8.25%. The sales tax includes: