Vision 2030 Strategic Plan

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On July 22, 2019, the North Richland Hills City Council approved the Vision2030 Land Use and Transportation Plans, the two primary components of the Strategic Plan for the City of North Richland Hills. The Vision2030 Plan also establishes a vision statement for the community. The vision helps guide and inform the decision-making process to define and manage the city's future, providing the opportunity to make sound, informed choices towards accomplishing the community's goals. 

North Richland Hills is the City of Choice.

A desirable and vibrant community of quality neighborhoods, thriving economy, extraordinary schools, exceptional parks, and innovative leaders.

Land Use Plan

Understanding that North Richland Hills is more than 90% developed, the vacant land that remains has significant importance.  An appropriate mix of land uses is a major component to a successful community. The approved Vision2030 Land Use Plan Map and descriptions of the various land use designations are available at the links below. 

Transportation Plan 

The City’s roadway network is nearly at a build-out condition.  The Transportation Plan, incorporated as part of the larger Strategic Plan, provides a roadmap for moving North Richland Hills’ transportation system into the next generation as the community continues to grow and mature.  Click on the links below to view the Transportation Plan.


Strategic Plan Committee

In February 2017, North Richland Hills City Council approved the creation of the Strategic Plan Committee, charged to update the City's comprehensive plan. The plan is an extension of the City Council's 2017 Goals & Objectives and will include recommendations for economic growth, revitalization and beautification of the City over the next 10 years.

The Committee held 19 public meetings to develop policy recommendations that best reflect the community’s vision. The Committee’s recommendations were forwarded to the Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council for review and consideration in May 2019.

The Strategic Plan Committee included three City Council Members, two Planning & Zoning Commission Members, ten members at large and one alternate.

Committee Members

Tim Welch City Council Member, Chair
Rita Wright Oujesky City Council Member, Vice Chair
Brent Barrow City Council Member
Jerry Tyner Planning & Zoning Commissioner
Justin Welborn Planning & Zoning Commissioner
Dr. Tim Barth Committee Member
Skip Baskerville Committee Member
Danny Beltran Committee Member
Suzy Compton Committee Member
Brian Crowson Committee Member
Blake Hedgecock Committee Member
Lee Knight Alternate Committee Member
Karen Russell Committee Member
Amy Steele Committee Member
Tracye Tipps Committee Member
Mark Wood Committee Member

Project Timeline

January - August 2017

  • Appoint Strategic Plan Committee (SPC)
  • Transportation Plan Request for Qualifications (RFQ)
  • SPC Foundational Meetings
  • Focus Group Meetings

September - March 2018

  • SPC Vision, Goals & Objectives Meetings
  • SPC Land Use Plan Recommendations
  • Transportation Plan Kickoff

April - July 2018

  • Land Use Plan Public Comment & Meetings
  • Transportation Plan Public Input
  • Joint Meetings: Parks & Recreation Board, Keep NRH Beautiful Commission, Economic Development Advisory Committee

September - July 2019

  • Complete Final Draft of Strategic Plan
  • Final Public Review & Comment
  • Public Open Houses and Meetings
  • Final City Council Public Hearing
If interested, please visit the Planning Reference Center for more information on past comprehensive plans, as well as other strategic areas in NRH.