Northfield Park Renovation Now Complete

NRH Parks and Recreation is proud to announce that the Northfield Park Renovation Project is complete and the park is open to the public.

The ribbon cutting on the renovation took place on Saturday, September 29, 2018 and included many NRH citizens, dignitaries, city council, former city council, park board and former park board members, the architects, Texas Parks and Wildlife staff, city management and city staff. 

The large Barfield Pavilion is available for rental and will hold up to 150 people. Please call Parks Administration at 817-427-6620 or email to inquire on availability and rates.  


Located at 7804 Davis Boulevard, Northfield Park was one of the city's oldest parks, having opened in 1985. Throughout the renovation process, the Parks & Recreation Department sought public input regarding improvements to the 34-acre park, including an online survey and community meetings.

The renovation cost $5.61 million and was funded by half-cent sales tax for park development, park impact fees paid by new development, and a $500,000 grant from the Texas Parks & Wildlife Commission. Earlier this year, the Commission approved $16 million in competitive park grants to help fund projects that will create and enhance outdoor recreational opportunities for 37 communities across the state. North Richland Hills was only city in Tarrant County to be awarded grant funding in 2017. View the Texas Parks & Wildlife Press Release

The project improved aging park facilities including lighted softball fields, sand volleyball courts, lighted tennis courts, playground, basketball court, pavilion, trails, landscaping, picnic tables, benches and other infrastructure.

We want to make sure that everyone will have access to the latest information about this very important project. Please do not hesitate to contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 817-427-6620 with questions or concerns.

Project Update-August 17, 2018

The rain event that occurred August 9 through August 14 caused a slight delay in forward progress. Grade work, preparing for the second round of hydro-mulch resumed on August 16, and the hydro-mulch was sprayed the following day. Most all of the major amenities to include the restroom, pavilions, playground, tennis court, basketball court and the sand volleyball court are nearing substantial completion. The site vegetation and stabilization process is now underway in preparation for the mid-September substantial completion.

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Project Update-July 13, 2018

  • The new park is starting to take shape as many of the site amenities are nearing completion. The parking lot and loop walking trail have been poured, the restroom/concession building is very nearly complete, and construction of the playground and pavilions are well under way. In the coming weeks, retaining walls around the playground and parking lot will be installed, the large and small pavilions will be erected, and irrigation will be installed throughout the site. As of the end of July, Dean Construction’s billing is approximately 75% of their total contract.

Project Update-June 20, 2018

  • As of May 31, 2018, billing from Dean Construction represented 65% of the total contract, accordingly the project continues to be on schedule. To date, the most noticeable improvement is the completion of the entry drive and parking lot, which can accommodate 205 vehicles. As the project moves toward the final quarter of construction, the group pavilion, small picnic pavilions, grading, irrigation and playground will represent amenities that should see considerable progress. The restroom/concession building is currently 71% complete with exterior trim, paint and detail work remaining. Interior finish out to include fixture placement, partitions and painting also remain.
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Project Update-May 10, 2018

  • As of April 30, 2018, billing from Dean Construction represented 49% of the total contract. Despite several periods of rain over the past 6 months, the project is currently on schedule. All of the sport lighting for the project is complete, as well as the placement of all required electrical components within the park. The restroom and concession building has seen the most progress in the past two months, with the masonry work 90% complete and the standing seam metal roof at approximately 50% complete. Once these two items are completed, interior finish out with fixture placement will begin. Additionally, the tennis and basketball courts are complete with the exception of the surface materials. Upcoming activities include work on the entry drive and parking lot, the playground, picnic pavilions and the outer looped walking trail. Once those items are complete, site grading, landscape and irrigation work will commence.


Project Update-April 30, 2018

  • The exterior stone and block for the restroom/concession building is approximately 85% complete. Masons are currently constructing the four columns on each side of the building. The 10’ wide outer loop trail is 50% complete, and formwork has begun for the internal circulation sidewalks. Steel reinforcement for a major section of the parking lot is complete, and concrete for this section was poured as of 4-26-18. The pavilions and playground installation will begin in the next two weeks and site grading will be an on-going activity as areas become developed.
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Project Update-April 13, 2018

  • Dean Construction continues to make significant progress on the project. The parking lot paving contractors completed the final grade work in preparation for setting forms and tying rebar for the parking lot paving. Once the parking lot is complete, the bulk of construction traffic will be directed to park in the parking lot which will free up the remainder of the site for more detailed development. Masonry work is underway for the restroom and concession building and should be completed in the next two weeks. In addition, just under half of the looped walking trail has been poured. The large group pavilion as well as the two smaller picnic pavilions are expected to be delivered next week when installation will begin.
4_13 02Completed Trail West looking North 4_1304_13 03

Project Update-March 12, 2018

  • The restroom/concession building has seen considerable progress since the site has been able to dry out. The block walls are complete on the perimeter and for all interior rooms, along with the application of a moisture barrier material. Approximately 30% of the roof trusses are in place as the last step prior to roof decking and metal roof material being installed.  Additionally the post tensioned slabs for the tennis and basketball courts are poured, with lighting and fence work currently in progress. All sport lighting for the three softball fields, tennis court, basketball court and sand volleyball court  is now complete.

Project Update-February 28, 2018

  • Over the past few weeks, all of the sports field lighting has been installed.  Currently, Dean Construction is working on the walls at the restroom/concession building, and expect to have the walls in place by the end of next week. Due to multiple days of heavy rain and extremely wet conditions, progress has temporarily slowed to only block wall placement on the building slab. With clear and warmer weather expected next week, the contractor is expected to be able to return to making significant progress once again.
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Project Update- February 12, 2018

  • Significant progress has been made in the last 30 days on the Northfield Renovation Project. The electrical, plumbing and mechanical utility rough in was completed for the Concession/Restroom building the week of February 5th through the 8th.  As such, the moisture barrier was installed and the slab poured on February 12.  Additionally, 6 piers were drilled and poured with the sport lighting bases in place for the Musco sport lighting around the three softball fields, tennis and basketball courts.  The tennis and basketball courts are post tension cable slabs, and weather permitting the slabs will be poured middle of the week February 19th through the 23rd. The forming of the parking lot is expected to being by February 19.
Musco light base at Basketball CourtConcession-Restroom with moisture barrierTennis Court with tension cables

Project Update - January 22, 2018

  • Compaction and moisture condition continues this week for the Concession/Restroom building slab. Test reports taken on January 24 are expected to verify that the specifications have been met.  As such, the slab will be poured in the next couple of weeks. The sanitary sewer and storm sewer systems are complete and in place. The new 8” water main is also in place and will be connected to the City main this week.  Additionally, grade work is nearing completion and the parking lot concrete is expected to begin the second week in February 2018.
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Project Update - December 12, 2017

  • The demolition phase of the project was completed on December 7, 2017. The earthwork phase began with grade work related to an underground piping system that will convey storm water to Little Bear Creek east of the project site. The process has begun in the new parking lot to over-excavate for the selected base material to be placed. The earthwork portion of the project is expected to take place over the next six weeks.
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Project Update - December 4, 2017

  • Demolition and disposal of the park's existing structures and roads is nearing completion.

Project Update - November 21, 2017

  • Demolition work continues this week with the removal of ballfield lighting, ballfield fencing, pavilion, basketball court and concrete curbs.

Project Timeline  
October 2017 NRH City Council Approves Contract
November 2017 Construction Begins
September 2018 Anticipated Completion

Project Cost


Northfield Construction 800