Excessive Barking

Barking is a natural dog behavior and most people want their dogs to bark to alert them to potential danger.  However, owners can be issued citations for violating the City of North Richland Hills excessive barking dog ordinance, when they allow their dogs to bark at a level that they are disturbing the peace, quiet, and comfort of the neighborhood. 

Pet Owners

Part of responsible dog ownership is ensuring that your dog is not a nuisance to others. The first step to addressing a barking dog problem is to identify the reason for the dog’s behavior: 

  • Your dog may be lonely or bored. Spend more time with your dog. Walk your dog daily. Play with your dog and provide interesting toys to keep him busy when you are not at home.  
  • Your dog may be protective or territorial. Socialize your dog with the neighbors so that they become friendly with them, rather than bark at them. Seek appropriate training. Many area pet stores offer training courses or ask your veterinarian to recommend a training program.
  • Your dog may be uncomfortable being outside all day or night. Give your dog some time outside in the morning and evenings and allow him to spend the rest of the time with his family indoors. 

Owners of dogs that excessively bark, can find recommendations and additional information in our Owner Excessive Noise Letter, to help reduce or eliminate the noise disturbance. 

Whatever steps you take, talk to your neighbors and show them that you are aware of the problem and that you are taking responsibility. They will most likely feel a little more patient and understanding. In turn, you will be a happier dog owner and your dog a happier pet.

Filing a Complaint

If you are bothered by an excessively barking dog in your neighborhood, consider speaking with your neighbor before reporting the nuisance. Work cooperatively with your neighbor to look for patterns of when the dog is barking to help determine the cause. Most pet owners want to be good neighbors and will take steps to correct the problem. 

If excessive barking continues, you may file a complaint with the Animal Services Division by calling 817-427-6570 or by visiting our online RequestTracker portal for Excessive Barking Nuisances.  You will need to provide an exact address of where the animal(s) live. 

The owner of the offending animal(s) will be sent a letter with recommendations on how to keep their animal from creating a noise disturbance. They will also be required to present proof of rabies vaccination and city registration within 10 days of receiving the notice of violation or citations could be issued. Your information will not be shared with the animal owner.

If the barking persists and you wish to pursue the matter further, you may complete the Excessive Barking Witness Complainant Packet and turn these documents and any audio/visual evidence in to the Animal Services Division.  Upon review by the Animal Services Division, if it appears to be an excessive noise violation(s) as defined by city ordinance, the Animal Services Division will submit your evidentiary packet to the North Richland Hills City Attorney and Municipal Court for consideration of an excessive barking citation to be issued to the owners of the offending animal(s).  Complainants may be summoned to appear in court to testify as witness to the violation(s).  


For further information or questions, please call the Animal Services Division at 817-427-6570.