NRH Parks COVID Information

Parks and Trails Update

All NRH Parks and Trails are currently open. Please use proper social distancing and stay at least 6 feet away from those outside of your household, avoid large crowds, and it is suggested that you wear a face-covering in public and wash your hands often.

Below are tips from the CDC and the National Parks and Recreation Association about using park facilities and amenities as they reopen:


  • Visit parks that are close to your home.
  • Prepare before you visit by bringing your own water and hand sanitizer.
  • Know the CDC guidelines.
  • Stay at least 6 feet away from others ("social distancing") and take other steps to prevent COVID-19.
  • Adhere to all park specific guidelines and follow all posted signage.


  • Visit parks if you are sick or were recently exposed to COVID-19.
  • Visit crowded parks/areas.
  • Participate in organized activities or sports that involve contact with other participants.
  • Gather in groups or congregate with any individual that is not in your household.

More information can be found at We still encourage the community to remain cautious and make the best decisions for yourself and your family’s health. Be safe. Be Well.

Social Distancing in Parks