Solicitor Permit / Handbill Registration

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and in order to protect the health of the citizens and business community, the City Council approved a temporary moratorium (Ordinance Nos. 3645 and 3653) on all door-to-door solicitation activities and distribution of handbills through June 8, 2020, or unless otherwise extended. 

The City of North Richland Hills Code of Ordinances Article VII regulates solicitors and persons who distribute commercial handbills door to door. Persons conducting such activities are required to obtain the proper permit or registration from the city prior to going door to door. 

Restrictions include:

  • No person shall solicit within the public right of way of any street or highway.
  • Solicitation and handbill distribution is permitted Monday – Saturday, from 9:00 a.m. until sunset or 8:00 p.m., whichever is earlier.
  • Solicitation and handbill distribution is not allowed Sundays, any federally designated holiday or on any day where the Department of Homeland Security has declared an orange or red state of alert.
  • Solicitors and handbill distributors may not solicit or leave handbills at premises when a sign has been posted near the main entrance of the premise containing the words "No Solicitors," "No Trespassing" or words of similar meaning.
  • The North Richland Hills Zoning Ordinance prohibits any person selling from a parking lot.
Permit / registration is not required for: 

  • persons under eighteen years of age if engaged in fundraising activities for youth organizations; 
  • persons seeking solely to promote religious views;
  • political candidates or parties or their supporters seeking to advocate particular points of view, issues or candidates; 
  • certain charitable purposes. 

Approved Solicitor Permits 

This page will be updated to include a listing of the active permits issued to companies.  Each person operating under said business and approved by the city shall have on their person a city-issued photo ID permit from the city secretary's office. 

Solicitor permits are valid for six months following the date of issuance.

Edward Jones
    Permit No. 20S-017 (expires 11/07/2020)
    Permit No. 20S-019 (expires 12/11/2020)

BME Exteriors
    Permit No. 20S-015 (expires 10/22/2020)

Classic Roofing & Construction
    Permit No. 20S-018 (expires 11/07/2020)

Charter Spectrum
    Permit No. 20S-022 (expires 12/12/2020)
    Permit No. 20S-023 (expires 12/12/2020)
    Permit No. 20S-030 (expires 12/30/2020)

Dallas Dent Company
    Permit No. 20S-025 (expires 12/15/2020)

Moxie Pest Control
    Permit No. 20S-040 (expires 01/28/2021)
    Permit No. 20S-041 (expires 01/28/2021)
    Permit No. 20S-042 (expires 01/28/2021)
    Permit No. 20S-043 (expires 01/28/2021)
    Permit No. 20S-044 (expires 01/28/2021)
    Permit No. 20S-045 (expires 01/28/2021)
    Permit No. 20S-046 (expires 01/28/2021)
    Permit No. 20S-047 (expires 01/28/2021)
    Permit No. 20S-048 (expires 01/28/2021)
    Permit No. 20S-049 (expires 01/28/2021)
    Permit No. 20S-050 (expires 01/28/2021)
    Permit No. 20S-051 (expires 01/28/2021)
    Permit No. 20S-052 (expires 01/28/2021)
    Permit No. 20S-053 (expires 01/28/2021)
    Permit No. 20S-054 (expires 01/28/2021)

Clement Brothers Construction
    Permit No. 20S-056 (expires 02/24/2021)

Brinks Home Security
   Permit No. 20S-016 (expires 10/26/2020)

JWC General Contractors
Permit No. 20S-020 (expires 12/11/2020)

Revive Auto Hail Repair
   Permit No. 20S-021 (expires 12/11/2020)

Cardinal Exteriors and Roofing, LLC 
   Permit No. 20S-024 (expires 12/15/2020)

Triumph Roofing & Construction
   Permit No. 20S-027 (expires 12/19/2020)
   Permit No. 20S-028 (expires 12/19/2020)
   Permit No. 20S-029 (expires 12/19/2020)

Total Roof Protection
    Permit No. 20S-036 (expires 01/21/2021)
    Permit No. 20S-037 (expires 01/21/2021)

Hammerhead Roofing
    Permit No. 20S-031 (expires 12/30/2020)
    Permit No. 20S-032 (expires 12/30/2020)
    Permit No. 20S-033 (expires 01/13/2021)

Lone Star Roofing of TX
    Permit No. 20S-026 (expires 12/15/2020)

Power Home Remodeling
    Permit No. 20S-034 (expires 01/21/2021)
    Permit No. 20S-035 (expires 01/21/2021)
    Permit No. 20S-038 (expires 01/21/2021)
    Permit No. 20S-039 (expires 01/21/2021)
    Permit No. 20S-055 (expires 02/19/2021)

Approved Handbill Permits 

This page will be updated to include a listing of the active permits issued to companies.  Each person operating under said business and approved by the city shall have on their person a city-issued permit from the city secretary's office.  

Handbill permits are valid for one months following the date of issuance.

Visionary Martial Arts 
    Permit No. 20H-010 (expires 10/15/2020)
    Permit No. 20H-011 (expires 10/15/2020)

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Handbill Distribution

Each person distributing handbills must register with the city and have on their person a a city-issued identification permit from the city secretary's office. Handbill distributors are prohibited from knocking on doors. Handbills include any sample or device, printed or written material, circular, leaflet, pamphlet, paper, booklet, or any other printed or otherwise reproduced original or copies, picture or other representation of goods or merchandise or description of services except telephone books, newspapers, magazines and periodicals of general circulation. No handbill shall be nailed, tacked, stapled, glued or taped to any door or structure or attached in any other manner which could mar or leave adhesive residue.


The city encourages residents to call the Police Department to report solicitors and handbill distributors operating without a city-issued ID permit. If you have concerns or want to report suspicious persons / activity in your neighborhood call 9-1-1 or the Police Department non-emergency line at 817-281-1000.  If you have other questions about permits, please contact the city secretary at 817-427-6060. 


Commercial handbill registration
Solicitors permit

Commercial Handbill Registration


Individuals distributing commercial handbills in the City of North Richland Hills are required to register with the City Secretary’s Office and pay a registration fee. The registration fee is $10.00 per individual for 30 days. Each person operating under said business and approved by the city shall have on their person a city-issued identification permit from the city secretary's office.  

Solicitors Permit 

Each individual soliciting in the City of North Richland Hills is required to obtain a solicitors permit. Solicitor’s permits are issued by the City Secretary’s Office and are valid for six months. Each solicitor will be issued a photo ID badge that is required to be worn at all times while soliciting in North Richland Hills. The ID badges will clearly identify the solicitor and the organization represented. 

  1. Applicant must submit a completed application and all required documents to the City Secretary’s Office, City Hall, Second Floor, 4301 City Point Drive.
  2. A background check is required of all solicitors.
  3. Permit fees are $100 for each solicitor.
  4. Current North Richland Hills Health permit required for the sale of edible merchandise.
For more information on obtaining solicitors permits or commercial handbill registration, please contact the City Secretary’s Office at 817-427-6060. We are located on the second floor of City Hall at 4301 City Point Drive.