Public Information / Records

Request for Police Department records


Requests for Municipal Court records

(arrests, offense reports and traffic accident reports)                    (citations, case information, Class C warrants and case disposition)
Email                                                                                              Email
Phone: 817-427-7000                                                                    Phone: 817-427-6700
Fax: 817-427-7066                                                                              


Public Information Act

The Public Information Act provides the public the right to request access to city records either for public inspection or to obtain copies (fee applies).      

Governmental Body's Responsibilities

A municipality must make a good faith effort to provide access or copies of requested city records in a "prompt" manner.  The Act states "promptly means that a governmental body may take a reasonable amount of time to produce the information, but may not delay."

A governmental body is not required to create new information, do legal research or answer questions. A governmental body is only required to provide access or copies of city records that are already in existence. 

Public Information Request

To obtain documents, a written request must be submitted by mail, fax, email or in person that includes enough information and detail about the information requested to enable the governmental body to accurately identify and locate the items requested.

  • Automated system - see below to submit your request; or
  • Mail requests - addressed to the City Secretary and mailed to P.O. Box 820609, North Richland Hills, TX 76182-0609; or
  • Faxed requests - shall be sent to 817-427-6016, ATTN: City Secretary; or
    • requests not faxed to the number above will be considered an invalid request
  • Email requests - shall be sent to City Secretary
    • requests not emailed to the address above will be considered an invalid request