Common Code Violations

The City of North Richland Hills strives to be a community where all residents can enjoy the highest quality of life within safe and attractive neighborhoods. Citizens are encouraged to be a good neighbor by fostering a strong sense of civic pride and voluntarily complying with city codes. How do you know if a neighbor or your property is in violation of city codes? Learn about the common code violations below. Please contact our Code Compliance office with any questions. 

  1. Tree Overhanging Sidewalk and Street


    Trees must be trimmed to keep a minimum clearance of 14 feet above the sidewalk and street to allow for safe passage of pedestrians and vehicles. Read on...
  2. Fence


    Deteriorating fences may give unwanted persons access to your property or allow pets to escape and roam the neighborhood. Read on...
  3. Junk

    Junk & Debris

    Old furniture, appliances, car parts, tires, tree limbs, scrap metal, building materials and other discarded items should not be stored in your yard or driveway. Read on...
  4. junk vehicle

    Junk Vehicles

    A wrecked or dismantled vehicle can be a safety hazard, nuisance and eyesore to the neighborhood. Read on...
  5. vehicle parked on lawn

    Parking on Lawn

    Vehicles should be parked in the driveway, not on your lawn. Read on...
  6. Christmas Lights.jpg

    Seasonal Lights

    Seasonal decorative lighting can be a safety hazard if left outdoors too long. Read on...
  7. Signs


    Signs should not be placed on a light pole, utility pole, traffic pole or tree or in the right of way on a public street. Read on...
  8. pool

    Swimming Pools

    When a pool is neglected, it becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes that can carry West Nile virus and other diseases and can create other safety concerns. Read on...
  9. Grass

    High Grass & Weeds

    Overgrown grass and weeds attract insects and rodents and can provide fuel for fires during dry months. Read on...
  10. trash can

    Trash Cans

    Store your trash cans and recycling carts in the garage or another location that is not visible from the street. Read on...
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Garage Sales

One garage sale is allowed per residential address every six months. The garage sale cannot be held for longer than two days. A permit is required to hold a garage sale. Read more about the requirements for holding a garage sale.

Other Nuisances 

  • Maintaining graffiti on public or private structures;
  • Permitting a lawn irrigation system to spray or overflow water into a public street during periods of freezing weather and resulting in a potentially dangerous condition;
  • The sweeping or blowing of grass clippings, leaves or any other matter into a street or storm drain;
  • Failure to pick up trash prior to mowing;
  • Permitting the accumulation or dumping of garbage, rubbish, or debris, that provides a breeding place for insects or rodents;
  • Permitting water to become stagnant, foul, or provides harborage for mosquitoes, flies, and other insects;
  • Septic tanks that present a potential injurious threat to the health and safety of the public;
  • Discharging of sewage onto the ground, or into a stream, creek, waterway or other body of water;
  • Causing the emission of foul, offensive, noisome, nauseous, noxious or disagreeable odors.
Please see Chapter 34 of the online code of ordinances for additional public nuisances.

Report a Concern

Report a code violation or concern online.