Household Hazardous Waste

Hazardous Waste Disposal

The City of North Richland Hills encourages residents to dispose of household chemicals and other household hazardous waste (HHW) in a safe, responsible manner. Starting on October 1, 2023, North Richland Hills residents can no longer take household hazardous waste to the Fort Worth Environmental Collection Center. Instead, the City of North Richland Hills will begin hosting periodic household hazardous waste collection events.  

Next Collection Event - April 13, 2024

The next household hazardous collection event will be on April 13, 2024 at the parking lot of NRH2O Water Park from 8 a.m.-12 p.m. In order to participate, North Richland Hills residents must reserve an appointment for this event. To book an appointment to drop off HHW at the April 13 collection event, residents can visit this link:  Book appointment for HHW 

Please note: we are almost at capacity for this event. If there are no available appointments for April 13th, 2024 please email Code Compliance at with your name, email, phone number, and address. We will add you to a waiting list and if an appointment is canceled residents will be assigned appointments on a first come, first served basis. Residents who are on the waiting list and do not get an appointment for this collection event will be notified before general registration begins for the next collection event, so that they will have priority to register for the next event.


What's Accepted

The following items will be accepted at periodic household hazardous waste collection events: 

  • acids, 
  • aerosol cans, 
  • antifreeze, 
  • batteries, 
  • brake fluid, 
  • cleaning supplies, 
  • cooking oil, 
  • craft and hobby chemicals, 
  • degreaser, 
  • drain cleaner, 
  • fertilizer, 
  • flammable liquids, 
  • fluorescent light bulbs, 
  • herbicides, 
  • mercury thermometers, 
  • motor oil and filters, 
  • non-latex paint/stain/thinners, 
  • pest strips, 
  • pesticides, 
  • photo chemicals, 
  • pool chemicals, 
  • solvents, 
  • transmission fluid. 

What's NOT Accepted

The following items will NOT be accepted at periodic household hazardous waste collection events: 

  • commercial waste, 
  • ammunition, 
  • appliances, 
  • asbestos, 
  • brush,
  • bulky waste, 
  • building materials, 
  • butane, 
  • computers, 
  • electronics, 
  • explosives, 
  • fireworks, 
  • PCB oil, 
  • pesticide cylinders, 
  • pharmaceuticals, 
  • propane cylinders, 
  • radioactive material, 
  • smoke detectors, 
  • syringes, 
  • televisions, 
  • tires, 
  • trash. 

Don't want to wait for a collection event? 

See below. This list is not comprehensive and the City does not endorse businesses, but we do know of some options to dispose of certain products that may be available to you. 

Paint Disposal

Latex products are not harmful to the environment and are not considered hazardous waste. Latex paint and stains can be dried or solidified and then can be put in the trash. Mixing in cat litter, sawdust, or a paint hardener (available at local hardware stores) will speed this process. These products must be dried before going into the trash so that paint does not stain streets or equipment. 

For non-latex paints that are still in good condition--consider reaching out to a local art department at a school or Habitat for Humanity to ask if they might be able to use the product. 

Medication Disposal 

The NRH Police Department provides a medication drop box as a safe, effective way for NRH residents to dispose of unused or expired prescription medication.  There is also a small sharps container for disposing of syringes/etc. The drop box is located in the NRH Jail Lobby, 4301 City Point Dr., NRH, TX 76180 and is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Battery Disposal

O'Reilly Auto Parts stores offer free battery disposal. The address for the closest location for North Richland Hills residents is 7401 Boulevard 26, NRH, TX 76180. For more information about this program click here. 

Batteries Plus at 5041 Davis Boulevard, NRH, TX 76180 will also accept batteries for a small fee and offer new batteries at a discount to those disposing of old batteries. 

Used Oil Disposal

O’Reilly Auto Parts Stores offer disposal of used motor oil, compressor oil, power steering fluid, gear oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, and oil filters. They will NOT accept other types of HHW (fuel, antifreeze, brake fluid, etc.). The address for the closest location for North Richland Hills residents is 7401 Boulevard 26, NRH, TX 76180. For more information about this program click here. 

Many other companies offer similar programs for the free disposal of used oil, including certain locations of AutoZone, Jiffy Lube, and Valvoline. The best way to determine if one of these businesses offers recycling is to call the nearest location and ask. 

Electronics Recycling

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality offers some resources for disposing of electronics here: Electronics Recycling Information

Light Bulb Recycling

Home Depot locations offer free lightbulb recycling (all except the long fluorescent tubes). There are two locations in North Richland Hills - - one at 6411 Precinct Line Rd, NRH, TX 76182 and another at 6501 NE Loop 820, NRH, TX 76180.

Cooking Oil Recycling

NRH Public Works offers free cooking oil recycling at certain times of the year from residents. Contact Tuan Ngo at or 817-427-6457 for more information. 

Other Items

Consider using a search engine like Earth 911 to find possible options of disposing for other items. We recommend that you call the service listed to verify the information is accurate before committing. 

Consider other options for offering products or items to others who might need them. For example, a neighbor or local food pantry may welcome the offer of a free cleaning product. A pool service company may be able to use pool chemicals that you don't need anymore. 


For further information about disposal of household hazardous waste (or if you know of a resource for disposing of a product that's not available here), please call Neighborhood Services at 817-427-6650 or email