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North Richland Hills Fire – Rescue is a Texas Fire Chiefs Association Best Practices Recognition Program Recognized Agency. 

Department Vision

Defining the fire service among our peers and community. We will be the defining standard of the fire service committed to developing strong leaders, embracing innovation and technology, fostering effective cooperation, persistent in improving safety and honoring tradition.

Mission Statement

Answering the call to strengthen our community’s quality of life through dedicated service, courageous members, strong leadership and honoring tradition.

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NRH Fire-Rescue News

In March 2017, the North Richland Hills Fire Department, in partnership with Medical City North Hills, was proud to launch the sepsis treatment plan. This implementation is the first in the nation for a Fire Department and only the second in the nation for an EMS crew. This now allows our paramedic teams to deliver antibiotics in the field to those experiencing a sepsis infection. Each ambulance crew now carries two broad spectrum antibiotics on board that can be utilized, if needed, while enroute to the hospital.

After many months of study and thoughtful planning, North Richland Hills EMS Medical Director Dr. Roy K. Yamada, Firefighter/Paramedic Charles Sanchez and the Sepsis team from Medical City North Hills developed a plan to use antibiotics in the field. If potential sepsis infection is prevalent, paramedics will use a check list to ensure all criteria are met before proceeding with antibiotic intervention. If a patient qualifies, the medication is delivered via IV while enroute to the hospital. 

For every hour that passes without treatment during a sepsis crisis, the mortality rate increases by 7.6%. Through the early intervention in sepsis treatment, we can often significantly lower the mortality rate. The treatment plan was featured on CBS DFW news in June. 

I.S.O. Rating

The City of North Richland Hills is rated a Class 2 by the Insurance Services Organization (ISO). The rating scale is from 1 to 10 with 1 being the most desirable. ISO is an advisory organization and the principle provider of rating and statistical information used by the insurance industry in the United States. Quality of public fire protection is one of the items of statistical information the ISO provides to the insurance industry. Lower insurance rates are available as the city improves its PPC rating. An ISO Rating Document is provided for you to give to your insurance company to ensure that you are receiving credit for this rating.