Attorney Withdrawals

Motions to Withdraw

Any attorney who makes an appearance on behalf of a defendant or represents to the court that he or she is the attorney of record shall remain the attorney of record until a motion to withdraw as counsel or substitute other counsel is granted. Attorneys who have posted bonds on behalf of clients must pay a $50 per case charge if their motion to withdraw is granted.

Attorney Authorization/Substitution Form

Without a Hearing

A motion to withdraw as attorney of record will be granted without a hearing only if the moving attorney:
  • Files a certificate stating the last known address of the defendant
  • AND Files a written consent to the withdrawal signed by the client
If the attorney is unable to secure the client’s signature, the motion must include:
  • A specific statement of the circumstances that prevent the moving attorney from obtaining the client’s written consent
  • AND that the client has been notified of the attorney’s intent to withdraw by forwarding a copy of the motion to said client