Expired Vehicle Inspection

If you receive a citation for Expired Vehicle Inspection and the inspection was expired for less than 60 days your citation will be dismissed if you meet the following terms:
  • Renew your inspection within 20 business days of the date you were charged.
  • Provide a legible receipt of inspection that clearly identifies the inspected vehicle and the payment of the required inspection fee.
  • Present the receipt noted above with $20.00 (dismissal fee) no later than your court appearance date assigned by the charging officer.
If the correction is done within the 20 business days, but proof is not brought to the court until after the 20 days have expired, additional fines may apply.

These dismissals have many terms and are not always a defendant's right. These dismissals are valid if the defendant appears on or before the required appearance date and meets the terms. Fees for compliance dismissals are payable immediately by cash, check, money order or credit card.