Beat Officers

For police patrol purposes, the City of North Richland Hills is divided into six separate geographical areas known as beats. In the Beat Management Program, the patrol officers are assigned to a district and work in it every day. A sergeant and lieutenant are also assigned to each district. This program furthers the commitment by our police officers to best serve our community while also forming a partnership with our citizens. 

While our officers manage their beats on a daily basis, they are truly able to get to know the people that reside and work in their assigned area. Being in the same part of town everyday also helps the officer to better understand the problems associated with his/her individual beat. The officers are encouraged to stop by and interact with the staff and students in schools on their beats; attend homeowner’s association meetings and neighborhood watch meetings on their beat.

Beat Schedule

View the beat schedule to see which officers are working in your district. Use the links below to contact your beat officers via email: 

District 1
District 2
District 3
District 4
District 5
District 6

Police Beat Map

Police Districts 2019