Preventive Street Maintenance Program

Program Overview

The goal of the Preventive Street Maintenance Program is to protect the public investment on our city streets and thoroughfares. This program consists of minor reconstruction, resurfacing, overlaying, slurry sealing and patching of public streets to preserve and extend the life of the pavement. This preventive maintenance keeps the city from having to pay higher costs for more extensive street repairs in the future and helps to extend the life expectancy of our streets. 

Streets that have exceeded their life expectancy and can no longer be effectively maintained are considered for reconstruction as a capital project. 27 street reconstruction projects are taking place as part of the voter-approved 2020 Street Bond Program.

Street Selection Process

Streets selected for the Preventive Street Maintenance Program are determined by using a pavement assessment system that inspects each street in the city and assigns a condition rating to the pavement. The condition rating is based upon the deterioration of the pavement. The pavement assessment was done using an Automatic Road Analyzer (ARAN) vehicle that is equipped with high tech sensors, imaging and surveying systems. The ARAN collected information on every street in NRH. Maintenance records and the latest citizen survey results are also considered when selecting streets for the annual program. The number of streets selected each year is dependent upon the amount of funding available for the program.

Stay Informed

Word on the Streets is a weekly update posted each Thursday on the City's website and social media to let residents know about street maintenance activities taking place in the coming week. Subscribe to "City News" to receive an email when it's updated each week. 

2023 Projects |  Cost $2,724,755

At their April 25, 2023 meeting, the City Council approved 128 preventive street maintenance projects to improve 17 centerline miles on 120 streets. The City is investing $2.72 million in this year’s preventive street maintenance program, more than double the $1.16 million budgeted for last year’s program.  2023 projects, which are shown on the map below,  include:

  • Asphalt overlays on 21 streets. An asphalt overlay consists of applying a 2 to 3-inch layer of hot mix asphalt on the street to level and waterproof the roadway.  Curb, gutter and subgrade repairs will take place where needed prior to the overlay work. Cost: $1,966,367  IN PRORGESS
  • Asphalt slurry seal or microsurfacing treatment applied to 42 streets. Slurry seal and microsurfacing are mixtures of oil and crushed rock. When the mixture is applied it bonds to the pavement, sealing the street and increasing skid resistance.  Cost: $276,253  Slurry Seal FAQs  COMPLETED
  • Asphalt crack seal treatment applied to 19 streets. This consists of sealing the cracks in the pavement to prevent moisture from penetrating into the base and subgrade material. Cost: $43,024  IN PRORGESS
  • Partial concrete pavement replacement on 18 streets. This technique involves replacing bad areas of concrete pavement. The size of the area replaced can range from a few square feet to a few panels. Cost: $393,238  IN PROGRESS
  • Concrete crack seal treatment on 27 streets. This consists of sealing the cracks in the concrete pavement to prevent moisture from penetrating into the base and subgrade material. Cost: $45,873 IN PROGRESS

Affected residents will receive notification from the city prior to any work on their street. Lane closures will also be posted on the city’s Facebook, Twitter and Nextdoor accounts. Motorists are urged to slow down in construction zones or anytime they see workers present. Questions about the annual street maintenance program may be directed to the Public Works at 817-427-6460.

2023 Preventive Street Maintenance Program Map Overview

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