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  1. Chart

    Average Consumption

    See how your monthly water use compares to the average NRH residential water customer. Read on...
  2. cease the grease

    Holiday Grease Recycling

    NRH Public Works will collect used cooking oils and grease for recycling Nov. 29 - Dec. 3 and Jan 4 -7. Read on...
  3. Sprinkler

    Reduce Outdoor Water Use

    Lawns and other landscaping plants need less water during cooler months. Monthly sewer fees are based on winter water use. Read on...
  4. water tower

    Rate Adjustment

    North Richland Hills water and sewer rates will be adjusted on October 1, 2021. The impact to the average residential water customer will be $4.16 per month. Read on...
  5. Meter

    Your Water Meter

    Your water meter provides information on how much water your family uses and can help identify possible leaks. Read on...
  6. Defend your drains

    Wipes Clog Pipes

    Grease, wipes and other products can cause costly problems for your home’s plumbing system and for the city’s sanitary sewer system. Read on...
  7. Know Your Watering Schedule

    Water Conservation

    NRH limits outdoor watering to no more than twice per week and encourages customers to conserve water whenever possible. Learn more...
  8. Sprinkler

    Sprinkler System Checkup

    Your irrigation system requires check-ups and maintenance to ensure it’s operating efficiently. Checking your system before you ramp up watering this spring and summer can help you save water and money. Read on...
  9. Water Faucet

    About NRH Water

    Learn about where your water comes from and what it costs. Read on...
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About Us

The City of North Richland Hills takes pride in providing quality water and sewer utility services to more than 21,000 residential and business customers. The water provided by the city consistently meets or exceeds all state and federal drinking water requirements. The City of North Richland Hills purchases its drinking water, as well as sewer treatment services, from the City of Fort Worth and the Trinity River Authority as a wholesale customer.

All water and sewer operations, maintenance and customer services are provided in an efficient manner and have effectively kept pace with the growth of our community. The city strives to provide these important services to customers at the lowest price possible. 

Water Office 

The Water Office is responsible for setting up new accounts, reading meters and processing bills and payments. Questions about establishing new service, disconnecting service or billing should be directed to the Water Office at 817-427-6200. 

Notice of Disclosure of Water Customer Information

In compliance with HB 872 passed by the 87th Texas Legislature, personal information and information regarding customer usage, services, and billing, including amounts billed or collected for utility usage, will now automatically be maintained as confidential by the Water Department, unless requested by the customer or otherwise required by law. Customers are no longer required to request that the Water Department maintain this information as confidential.

Customers still have the option of requesting that the information be released by completing the Customer Information Disclosure Form or submitting a written request to the Water Department. All requests must be emailed to customerservice@nrhtx.com or mailed to Attention: Water Department, PO Box 820609, North Richland Hills, Texas 76182-0609.

Public Works Utility Division

The Public Works Department Utility Division is responsible for maintenance of the city's water and sewer infrastructure. This includes the water mains, water storage tanks, pump stations, lift stations and sewer lines located in our community. Water and sewer main leaks should be reported to the Utility Division at 817-427-6440. Before 7:30 a.m. and after 4:30 p.m., please call dispatch at 817-281-1000 to report a water or sewer emergency and they will contact the appropriate people to respond. 

Municipal Drainage Utility System

The Municipal Drainage Utility System (“the system”) was established in the public interest to protect the health and safety of citizens from loss of life and property caused by surface water overflows and surface water stagnation.  In September 1991, the North Richland Hills City Council adopted Ordinance No. 1741, establishing the system and related fees.  The system fees, or Drainage Fees, are a dedicated source of revenue used to fund drainage maintenance, as well as the design and installation of drainage infrastructure to address current and future drainage needs.  In August 2019, through passage of Ordinance No. 3594, the City Council modified these fees for the first time since the system's inception in 1991.

The system is separate from the Water System and Sanitary Sewer System.  The North Richland Hills Public Works department is responsible for the installation, operation, and maintenance of drainage infrastructure and right-of-way through the city.

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  1. Angel Holbert

    Customer Service Manager

  2. Water Department

    Physical Address
    4301 City Point Drive
    North Richland Hills, TX 76180


    Phone: 817-427-6200
    Fax: 817-427-6202

    Office Hours

    Monday - Friday
    8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 

    Telephone Service

    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
    7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. 

    7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

    24-hour telephone payment system: 844-531-5742

  3. Water System Maintenance / Water Quality

    Phone: 817-427-6440

  4. Kenneth Garvin

    Utility Superintendent