Apply for New Residential Water Service

Welcome, to establish new service with the City of North Richland Hills the following information is provided:  

Rental Program:

All single-family rentals must be inspected and issued a certificate of occupancy before a tenant can be authorized to move into a rental unit or have the water utilities transferred to the new tenant’s name. For more information, please review Single-Family Rental Inspections on the Building Inspection Department's website.

Residential application requirements:
A social security number is required for all online applications.  The social security number is used
to conduct an online identity check at a cost of $2 which will appear on the first bill.  If you do not
wish to provide a social security number, the application must be submitted in person with a valid
picture ID to the Utility Customer Service Office.  If you have any questions regarding
City's use of social security numbers, please review the City of North Richland Hills Privacy Policy.

A deposit requirement of $100 and an activation charge is required on all metered services.  The
deposit will bill immediately upon activation of service, is due upon receipt of the bill and
delinquent twenty days from the bill date.  If there is evidence of non-payment on a prior account,
a deposit of $200 is required to establish service and must be paid prior to service initiation. Deposits for temporary service (fourteen days or less) must be paid at the time of service activation.

The City reserves the right to hold or delay service requests for any of the following reasons:
            1.  Incomplete application   
            2.  Issue with online identity check which will require the customer to provide proof of
                 identity in person to the Utility Customer Service office.
            3.  Final inspection on a new home is not approved by City's building inspection department.
            4.  Rental inspection is not approved by City's building inspection department.
            5.  Service location recently disconnected for non-payment 
            6.  Unpaid balance from prior service.
Applications are processed Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and require a twenty four (24) hour notice prior to the requested start date.  After the application is approved, a confirmation email will be sent.  If there is a hold or delay in processing the application, a Utility Customer Service representative will contact you.  Someone must be home at the time water is turned on.  A request for a return trip to turn the water on will result in additional fees.

Complete the application below to request new residential water service; be sure to save a copy to your computer and email it to


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Application for Residential Water Service      Aplicacion De Servicio Residencial

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