Uniformed Services Division

Jonathan Richerson


The Uniformed Services Division provides services for uniformed police patrols, traffic law enforcement, accident investigation and reconstruction, and special threat situations. The division consists of the Patrol Section and the Traffic Section. These sections are equally tasked with providing high police visibility while working with citizens in a preventive approach to problems within the community.

Beat Management

The contemporary concept in policing, referred to as beat management, extends the commitment by our police officers to best serve our community while also forming a partnership with our citizens. Fixed beat assignments have created more familiarity between the beat officer and the community served. The officers are encouraged to stop by and interact with students in schools on their beats, meet residents, attend homeowner's association meetings and attend neighborhood watch meetings on their assigned beats.

Specialty Units

  • The Honor Guard Unit participates in police officer memorials, award ceremonies, and government activities requiring the presentation and posting of colors.
  • The K9 Unit consists of two canine teams who are certified to perform patrol functions such as tracking, building searches, apprehensions, and the detection of narcotics.
  • The Bicycle Patrol Unit is a visible deterrent to crime and an approachable source of assistance and information to the citizens.
  • Public Service Officers are civilian personnel assigned tasks that do not require the services of a police officer, providing the officers a greater efficiency and effectiveness.
  • The Special Weapons and Tactical Unit is utilized in high-risk apprehensions, barricaded person incidents, and narcotic search warrants.