Graffiti Abatement Program

Graffiti is a problem for most metropolitan cities and North Richland Hills is no exception. Graffiti is used for a variety of purposes including: 

  • communication among groups
  • marking territory
  • intimidation
  • destruction of property
genevagraffiti-364059Regardless of the reason, graffiti is damaging to property and can have a cumulative effect of reducing property values and increasing the likelihood of further criminal activity. It is critical to first reduce the application of the graffiti then to quickly remove any that has been done. Well-kept properties enhance livability, community appearance and create safe, social and economic conditions of the community.   In 2006, the City of North Richland Hills enacted a "graffiti abatement" program to help property owners eradicate graffiti on their property. Once authorization is received from the property owners, a City crew will remove or cover over "only" the graffiti. The City of North Richland Hills does not provide a guarantee if paint is used, that it will match paint already applied. This service is provided free of charge for property owners.   If property owners do not want to avail themselves of the graffiti removal service, they may decline the offer. However, it is expected that a property owner will eliminate all graffiti on their property within 48 hours or code enforcement will be undertaken. 

The Consent for Graffiti Removal form is a waiver form which authorizes a City of North Richland Hills crew to enter your property to cover or remove the graffiti. If you wish to have the graffiti removed by the City of North Richland Hills, return the signed form to the North Richland Hills Police Department who will notify the Public Works Department to have a crew respond.

The authorization form will be kept on file in the Criminal Investigations Division. Should you be troubled by graffiti in the future, simply report it to the North Richland Hills Police Department 817-427-7000 and advise that you have previously signed a waiver.