Teen Court Procedures


Defendants will have their cases heard before a jury of their peers. The defendant will have a Teen Defense Attorney, and will be prosecuted by a Teen Prosecutor. The case will be heard before a Judge (Adult volunteers who are actual Judges) and a Teen Jury. A verdict will be rendered by the jury after the trial that includes community service hours (within a pre-established range on the discipline grid) and service on at least one jury term.

Master Jury

This process is similar to a grand jury hearing. Defendants have direct interaction between themselves and the jurors. An adult volunteer is present at all times during the master jury hearings. The defendant's parent or legal guardian may be present as well.

Failure to Successfully Complete Teen Court

A defendant who agrees to participate in Teen Court has 90 days to complete their sentence of community service hours and jury duties. They must contact the Teen Court Coordinator, prior to the due date, to request an extension if more time is needed to complete. If they do not successfully complete their community service and/or jury duties, they will be returned to the Municipal Court for a hearing before the Judge. The Judge will decide at this time the proper disposition of the case. A parent or legal guardian is required at this hearing if the defendant is under the age of 17.