Residential Sprinkler System Evaluation Program

irrigation.jpgDo you wonder how efficient your irrigation system is? Do you think you could be watering too much? Ever wanted advice from a licensed irrigation professional? Then this program is for you.

The Residential Sprinkler System Evaluation Program (RSSEP) is a conservation program offered by the Tarrant Regional Water District to residential water customers in North Richland Hills and other communities. The program provides eligible water customers with a free check of their irrigation system and tips on how to operate it more efficiently. Limit one evaluation per address.

This program has the ability to conserve millions of gallons of water each year, which helps the city to meet its water conservation goals. There is no cost to the city or the customer for participating in this program. 

How does the program work? A residential customer of the city will complete a short questionnaire to determine if their irrigation system meets the requirements for a free evaluation. If the system meets the requirements, the evaluation will be assigned to a professional contractor with M&M Irrigation.  An M&M Irrigation representative will contact the customer within a few days to schedule an evaluation. The contractor will evaluate the irrigation system and make recommendations to the customer for improvement to the performance and scheduling of the system to reduce waste by improving system efficiency. 

Who performs the system evaluation? Each evaluation will be conducted by M&M Irrigation, or a subcontractor that is a Licensed Irrigator in the State of Texas and has attended training with M&M Irrigation. These professionals are well trained in proper irrigation design and installation and are more than capable of evaluating, designing, repairing and installing irrigation systems. 

Will the contractor fix existing problems with the irrigation system? No, the contractor will not make repairs to the system. The service is an evaluation only. M&M Irrigation will make the recommended adjustments to the system controller if the customer allows such adjustments. In many instances the adjustment to the system controller is the first step to water conservation and lower water bills. If repairs are necessary, M&M Irrigation may offer a list of recommended professionals for the customer to seek estimates for the repairs. 

The homeowner is under no obligation to make the recommended changes or repairs.  However, the evaluation report will indicate repairs that are critical and should be tended to right away.

How do I sign up? To request a free evaluation of your residential irrigation system, please fill out this online form

Questions regarding this program may be directed to Tuan Ngo in the Public Works Department at 817-427-6457.