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Don't miss out on these exciting opportunities to leave a lasting legacy and be an integral part of the North Richland Hills Animal Adoption & Rescue Center.

Your personalized paver, pet photo or sponsorship will reflect your enthusiasm and passion for animals.

Your contribution is tax deductible. Visa, MasterCard and Discover are accepted. Transactions are processed through PayPal.
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Sponsor Plaque

Dog Kennel/Cat Cage Sponsorship

Show your support for shelter animals by sponsoring a dog kennel or cat cage.  The $500 sponsorship includes a personalized plaque to be placed on your choice of either a dog kennel or cat cage for two years. 

Plaques can be personalized in your name, your company’s name, or in honor of a beloved family member, special friend or cherished pet.  Your plaque will be seen by the thousands of people who visit our shelter annually.

Print a Dog Kennel/Cat Cage Sponsorship Form or order your Dog Kennel/Cat Cage Sponsorship Plaque online.  
Paw Print

Paw Pals Paver

Honor your pets, loved ones or friends with a commemorative paver that will be placed in the shelter entryway. Each 6" x 9" paver will be inscribed with a personal message. You can select a basic paver with text only, or a paver with text and a graphic such as a heart or paw print.

Each basic paver includes 4 lines of text with 18 letters/spaces per line for $100.
Print a Basic Brick Paver Order Form or order your Basic Brick Paver online

Basic Brick Paver
Basic Paver 

The paver with graphic includes 4 lines of text with 12 letters/space per line plus a graphic for $125. 
Print a Graphic Brick Paver Order Form or order your Graphic Brick Paver online.  

Graphic Brick Paver
paver with graphic

Paw Print Corporate Paver

Corporate Pavers

Businesses and veterinary clinics can support the Animal Adoption & Rescue Center and receive recognition on an inscribed paver that will be prominently displayed in the shelter entryway.

For a $1,000 donation your business will be featured on a custom 12" x 12" paver.

For a $5,000 donation, your business will be featured on a custom 24" x 24" paver.

Please contact Chun Mezger at 817-427-6570 to place your corporate paver order.
Paw Print Meet & Greet Rooms
Three meet and greet rooms provide space where people can can get to know, interact and play with shelter pets before they adopt. By sponsoring one of these rooms for a $5,000 donation, you'll be providing a wonderful way for potential adopters to experience first hand the love and warmth a pet provides. As an exclusive sponsor, the room will be named in your honor and your name will be displayed prominently there. Only one room remains available for sponsorship. If you are interested, please contact us today.
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Puppy Area
A special area in our lobby will be devoted to puppies that are waiting for adoption. As an exclusive sponsor for a $5,000 donation, the puppy area will be named in your honor and your name will be displayed prominently there. To sponsor this area, please contact the shelter.

 Corporate Partners

Additional opportunities are available to support the animal shelter. As a valued partner, your business or corporation will receive special recognition while demonstrating your social responsibility, community involvement and love of animals. For more information on corporate partnerships, please contact Ms. Chun Mezger at 817-427-6570.

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Your contribution is tax deductible.

Have questions or want more information? Call 817-427-6570 or stop by to visit us.