Capital Projects

Each year the City of North Richland Hills improves a number of city streets through the Preventive Street Maintenance Program and the Capital Improvement Program (CIP). The Preventive Street Maintenance Program focuses on pavement sealing, patching and overlaying to preserve and extend the life of the streets. 80 streets are included in the Preventive Street Maintenance Program this year. You can find a map and more information on the Preventive Street Maintenance Program page.

When a street has exceeded its pavement life expectancy and can no longer be effectively maintained through the Preventive Street Maintenance Program it is recommended for reconstruction as a CIP project. This page is updated periodically with information on our CIP projects. Questions about CIP projects may be directed to  NRH Public Works at 817-427-6400 or by email.

Improvements Underway

2020 Bond Program Projects

27 streets will be reconstructed over the next 5 to 7 years as part of the voter-approved 2020 Street Bond Program. See the 2020 Bond Program page for the latest project schedules and updates.

Northeast Parkway Extension & Traffic Signal

Northeast Parkway was recently extended west of Davis Boulevard to provide access to the new Smithfield Elementary School.  It will be further extended to Smithfield Road after the old elementary school building is demolished. In addition, a traffic signal with pedestrian facilities will be constructed at the intersection of Davis Boulevard and Northeast Parkway and a deceleration lane will be added on Davis Boulevard for southbound turning traffic onto Northeast Parkway.

The plan was for the new traffic signal to be in place prior to the beginning of the 2021/2022 school year, but the project experienced traffic study and TxDOT review delays due to the dramatic impact that the COVID-19 crisis has had on existing traffic patterns. The traffic signal poles and components have been ordered and a contractor hired to install them within 30 days of their delivery. Indications are that the new traffic signal will be in place this winter.

Upcoming Improvements

Glenview Drive East Reconstruction

A project to reconstruct Glenview Drive between Boulevard 26 and Flory Street is currently in the design phase. The city will seek bids for construction in 2022. The project will rebuild the existing asphalt roadway with new concrete pavement. Sidewalks will also be reconstructed and added where they are currently missing. The city will use $3,860,000 in remaining 2003 street bonds to fund the project. This funding was originally planned for the widening of Boulevard 26, which was a joint project with TxDOT. Unfortunately, due to statewide funding shortfalls and other priorities, TxDOT has been unable to proceed with the project. Glenview Drive was identified as the street most in need of improvement in recent citizen surveys. Reconstruction of the western segment of Glenview Drive from Honey Lane to the city limit is one of 27 street projects included in the 2020 bond program.

Hightower & Davis Traffic Signal

This project will consist of engineering and construction of a new traffic signal at the intersection of Davis Boulevard and Hightower Drive. 

Recently Completed Improvements

Vance and Glenview Traffic Signal:  This project replaced the span wire traffic signal at the intersection of Vance Road and Glenview Drive with pole mounted signals. This project also included the installation of pedestrian signal heads and striping at the intersection. Ninety percent of this project was funded by a Highway Safety Improvement Program grant, with a 10% local funding match.

Rufe Snow, north of Mid-Cities: All lanes of Rufe Snow Drive between Mid-Cities and Ridgetop are now open. This project was funded by TxDOT through a federal grant, with the city funding about 20% of costs. The project reconstructed and expanded this section of Rufe Snow to a 7-lane concrete roadway, matching the section of Rufe Snow south of Mid-Cities. Drainage, sidewalk and intersection improvements were also part of the project.

Schiller Drive:
This project consisted of a full reconstruction of the roadway between Gentling Place and Abby Road. The scope included replacing the existing asphalt pavement with a concrete street, and providing sidewalks.

Davis & Mid-Cities Intersection:  Construction is complete on a project by the Texas Department of Transportation to add an additional left turn lane at each leg of the intersection. The dual left turn lanes allow more vehicles to turn left during a shorter time period. The time saved on the left turns allows more “green” time for the Davis and Mid-Cities traffic lanes continuing through the intersection (not turning). Dedicated right turn lanes were also added on Davis Boulevard.

Mid-Cities and Hawk Intersection:  Utility installation and modification is now complete at the intersection of Hawk Avenue and Mid-Cities Boulevard to add a fourth leg to the signalized intersection. The installation will provide safer conditions for motorists exiting future commercial and office developments north of Mid-Cities Boulevard. Installation and modification of these utilities will not include removing the emergency access gate to Brynwyck Lane.

Smithfield Road, from Davis to Mid-Cities: Construction is complete on a project to align Smithfield Road with Bridge Street at Davis Boulevard, creating a four-leg intersection. Smithfield was widened from Davis to just north of Mid-Cities, with turn lanes added to the intersection at Mid-Cities to increase efficiency and reduce delays during peak times.  New sidewalks and street lighting were also included,