Annual Budget

Budget Process

Your North Richland Hills city staff works throughout the spring and summer to prepare a budget for the new fiscal year that begins on October 1. A proposed budget is presented to the City Council in July and the City Council holds work session meetings to review and discuss the budget and property tax rate. Public hearings on the proposed budget and property tax rate will be held on Thursday, Sept. 8, 2022. The City Council is scheduled to adopt a budget and set the tax rate on Monday, Sept. 12. 

FY 2022/23 Proposed Budget

The city’s proposed budget for FY 22-23 includes some property tax relief for North Richland Hills homeowners. 

  • First, the City Council recently increased the homestead exemption from 15% to 20%. This means your property taxes to the city during the coming fiscal year will be based upon only 80% of your home’s appraised value. 
  • Second, the City is proposing to reduce its property tax rate by about 2.4 cents, from $0.572184 to $0.547972 per $100 property valuation. 
  • With these changes, most NRH homeowners will see a reduction in the city portion of their property taxes.  For residents who benefit from the senior or disabled tax freeze, your tax bill will go down if this year’s calculation is lower than your frozen amount; however, depending on when your tax freeze went into effect, your annual tax bill may already be lower than the current rates.

Property owners are encouraged to go online to to view your previous and proposed tax bill from the city, as well as other taxing entities. As a reminder, the city’s property tax rate is just one portion of your overall tax bill. Residents also pay property taxes to the school district, county, county hospital district and county college district.

The City’s budget priorities for the coming year include infrastructure improvements, keeping pace with growth and increasing service demands, and making sure the city is competitive when recruiting and retaining employees. To learn more, please watch the video message below from City Manager Mark Hindman. As we prepare for the coming fiscal year, we want your input on how we can better serve you. A public hearing to receive comments on the proposed budget and tax rate is scheduled on Thursday, Sept. 8. Questions and comments can also be submitted online or by emailing

FY 2021/22 Budget

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