How much additional property tax revenue will the city collect this year, compared to last year?

The 58.5-cent tax rate will generate $2,331,674 or 7.9% more in revenue from property taxes for FY 2018-19 compared to last year. Of that amount, $454,771 is tax revenue generated from new construction. 

The funding will help city departments keep up with growth and increasing demands on services. We will add 2 police officers to the Police Department's patrol unit, which has not increased patrol staffing since 2001. Additional firefighter/paramedics will also be hired to staff a fourth full-time ambulance, which will improve response to an increasing numbers of emergency medical calls in our community. The budget also includes competitive public safety compensation to ensure the city continues to attract and retain qualified first responders. Funding for the city’s annual preventive street maintenance program is budgeted at $1.3 million to address increasing maintenance needs on our aging city streets. That’s an increase of $315,000 over prior years.

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