Why is TEXRail work closing roadways in NRH?

TEXRail is making significant improvements along the rail line from downtown Fort Worth to DFW airport to accommodate the new commuter rail service. This includes removal of the old railroad track, reconstruction of the railroad bed and installation of new concrete rail ties and new track. These improvements will reduce the sound and vibration coming from the track, making the new commuter rail traffic quieter than the traditional freight traffic we are used to. The track work is being completed on all sections of the TEXRail rail line, including those portions that cross our roadways. In some places a second side track is also being installed. Significant safety improvements are also being made to all railroad crossings, including installation of medians and new warning equipment and signs. These improvements are necessary for our community to be designated as a Quiet Zone. Please note, this activity is not unique to North Richland Hills. These improvements are being made in all of the communities TEXRail passes through. A schedule of current and upcoming work can be found at https://ridetrinitymetro.org/texrail/status/construction-updates/

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1. Why is TEXRail work closing roadways in NRH?
2. Why can’t they complete this work with lane closures?
3. Why does the new crossing seem rough when I drive over it?
4. Why were raised medians installed at railroad crossings?
5. Where will the NRH stations be located and how many parking spaces will they have?
6. When will service begin and how many trips will be offered daily?
7. What are the benefits of TEXRail for NRH?
8. What is being done to limit noise and pollution?
9. What is a quiet zone? Will we have quiet zones in NRH?
10. Will my taxes go up to pay for this service?
11. If my home is near the rail line, will this affect my property values?
12. How will TEXRail service impact traffic at crossings in NRH?
13. What type of development is planned around the NRH stations?
14. Won’t the rail stations and surrounding developments bring more people to NRH and thus more traffic?
15. Should we be worried about an increase in crime at and around the rail stations?
16. Some say TEXRail won’t improve traffic congestion. Is this true?
17. How will TEXRail benefit the local economy?
18. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to build more roads?
19. When did planning for TEXRail begin and when were the NRH stations approved?
20. I have additional questions. Where can I get more information?