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Neighborhood Initiative Program Application Form

  1. Do you plan on selling your home in the next 2 years?*
  2. Are you behind on your mortgage?*
  3. Do you owe back taxes on the property?*
  4. Is your home*
  5. Are you financially able to assist in purchasing necessary supplies for repairs?*
  6. You must meet one of the following criteria to receive assistance (check all the apply).*
  7. This includes ALL income from ALL persons living at the property.

  8. Do you have documentation to support your answers?*
  9. Are you willing to provide copies of this documentation for verification?*
  10. Acknowledgment*

    By checking the box below, you understand that submission of this application does not guarantee that you will qualify for or receive assistance from the City of North Richland Hills Neighborhood Initiative Program or any of its affiliated volunteer organizations. You further understand that more documentation may be required to verify portions of this application.

  11. After submitting this form you will be contacted by Neighborhood Services Staff within 7 days to discuss your application further. Each application does go through a thorough vetting process, including a site visit and a committee review.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Neighborhood Services Department at 817-427-6650 or email

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