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Cotton Belt Trail


  1. Multi-Purpose Trail

About the Trail

Widely used by long-distance runners and cyclists, the Cotton Belt Trail extends 4 miles through the heart of North Richland Hills alongside the Cotton Belt railroad tracks and continues east, providing an alternative transportation route all the way to the City of Grapevine. The Cotton Belt Trail connects in North Richland Hills to the John Brafield Trail, Walker's Creek Trail and Calloway Branch Trail. Parking is available at the Cambridge Trailhead at 6700 Cambridge Drive and at Faram Park at 8344 Amundson Drive.

See Tracks? Think Train!

While the Cotton Belt Trail is a safe place to walk, ride and play, the adjacent railroad tracks are private property and should never be used for recreational activity. Always stay on designated, paved walking and bicycling trails. Never walk along the tracks, take a shortcut through a train yard, climb through or under a railcar, or drive around crossing arms that are down.
The City of North Richland Hills is proud to support Operation Lifesaver’s public safety campaign called “See Tracks? Think Train!” The campaign aims to reduce pedestrian and driver injuries and fatalities around railroad tracks by highlighting behaviors that put people at risk. Everyone can save a life in his or her community by sharing the message that railroad tracks are no place to walk, play or disobey traffic signals. Be a rail safety role model. Go to for more information, and then educate your children, neighbors and friends about rail safety.  

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