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Fossil Creek Mountain Bike Trails

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  1. Mountain Bike Trails
  2. Multi-Purpose Trail

The Fossil Creek Park Mountain Bike Trails in North Richland Hills are developed mountain bike/hiking trails within Fossil Creek Park, located at 6101 Onyx Dr. S. The 58.5 acre park contains beautiful natural areas comprised of mature hardwood trees, a mixture of grasslands and riparian habitats, all of which are ideally suited to hiking and mountain biking. 

The Mountain Bike Trails include approximately 5 miles of trails, a trailhead kiosk and a small parking lot. The trails are great for new beginner riders and for riders continuing their skill development. The project was implemented through a partnership with the Fort Worth Mountain Bikers Association (FWMBA) to develop and maintain the trails. The trails opened in April 2021. 

Trail Map & Reminders

Printable Map & Reminders

No Motorized Bikes or Vehicles are permitted on any NRH Trail by City Ordinance.  Fines are applicable.

Each trail is a one-way, single track. 
Our Yield Policy requires that hikers must yield to bicycles. 
Dogs must be controlled and on a short leash at all times. 

On this trail, you may experience:

  • Natural Surfaces - dirt, mud, gravel, shifting rock, slippery surfaces, etc. 
  • Rocks, roots, and/or downed vegetation on trail. 
  • Water/stream crossings without bridges. 
  • Steep grades and inclines of more than 10%. 
  • Bridges and/or structural crossings. 
  • Physically challenging obstacles. 
  • Bluffs or drop-offs next to trail. 
  • Raised or protruding obstacles. 
  • Occasional water over trail. 
  • Low-hanging vegetation. 
  • Wood or stone steps. 
  • Narrow passages. 
  • Road crossing.

Trail Reminders:

  • Don’t hike, ride or run on muddy trails. 
  • Trail is open dawn til dusk. 
  • Observe direction arrows. 
  • Helmets are required. 
  • Carry enough water. 
  • Watch for snakes. 
  • Stay on trail.

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