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1. What is a general obligation bond?
2. Why issue bonds, rather than paying for projects with cash?
3. How will the bond proposition impact the city’s property tax rate?
4. How much was the city’s last bond election?
5. When was the last bond election for street improvements?
6. How were proposed projects for the 2020 bond election selected?
7. If the bond proposition is approved, when will construction begin?
8. Which streets will be reconstructed first?
9. How objective was the ranking?
10. Some of proposed projects include all of the street, while others don’t. How were project limits determined?
11. If the bond proposal passes, what type of pavement will be used?
12. Will sidewalks be added?
13. How long will each project take?
14. How will you make sure construction does not take months or years longer than expected?
15. How many miles of streets does NRH have and how does the proposed bond program impact their maintenance?
16. When will other streets be reconstructed?
17. Who served on the 2020 Capital Program Advisory Committee?
18. I have additional questions, who should I contact?