Barking nuisance

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To file a barking nuisance complaint the Animal Services Division will need an exact address of where the animal(s) live. Animal Services will send the complainant by email/mail a letter explaining the barking nuisance process, a time log to document the disturbances, and a witness statement affidavit to fill out, notarize, and return to the Animal Services Division.

The owner of the offending animal(s) will be sent a notice of violation letter and instructions on how to keep their animal from creating a noise disturbance. They will also be required to present proof of rabies vaccination and City registration within 10 days of receiving the notice of violation or citations could be issued. Complainants information will not be shared with the animal owner.

Complainants are asked to document dates and times when the barking is excessive as well as begin to video/audio record the barking when it is occurring. The statements and evidence provided by each complainant will be sent to the City of North Richland Hills Municipal Court and after review, if the City Prosecutor sees that there is enough evidence provided for probable cause, they will issue a court summons to the owner of the animal(s). The complainant may be required to appear in court to attest to the witness statement and evidence provided for prosecution.

Please note: Animal concerns are addressed on a priority basis. For urgent issues, please call 817-427-6570. After business hours and on weekends, staff will only respond to emergencies. Emergencies may include animal bites where the animal is not confined, wild animals within a residence or injured animals. To report an emergency, please call 817-281-1000.

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